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We will keep updating this page with the most current information at the top as construction progresses.


New Pictures 12/18/13

New signage in Unit A and some other finishing touches shows Unit A construction nearing completion.

New Pictures 12/10/13
Spa Area in Unit A
Spa Area with tub
New fireplace construction
New spa area

New Pictures 11/18/13


New hand rails in hallways


Wood grain like vinyl in resident rooms and beautiful cabinets.




Soft colors and lighting and handicap accessible bathrooms

New Pictures 10/16/13

New Bathroom



Duct Work


New Entrance

New Pictures 10/7/13

Unit A Room Doors

New LTC Entry
Spa Area

New Pictures 09/16/13

Newly painted walls in

Unit A

Newly painted walls in

Unit A

Unit A Hallway
New Entrance for LTC between Unit A and Unit B


New Picture 08/28/13

Resident Bathroom with tiled walls and floor


New Pictures 08/22/13


Ceiling Lift Railing with the lift attached


Unit B Door with backfill around new footings for the new LTC entrance


Crane used to backfill the dirt at Unit B door



New Pictures 08/21/13

Ceiling Lift Railing - Unit A


Kitchenette Addition for Unit A



New Pictures 08/19/13

Unit A Hallway

Unit B Door with new footings poured for new LTC entrance

New Pictures 08/08/13

Picture above - New LTC Entrance - Footings poured 8/7/13

Picture at left - Crane used to move roofing materials

Picture above - New LTC Entrance

Picture at left - New LTC Entrance footings

New Pictures 07-30-13

Picture above - New Chapel Area

Picture at left - New Family Suite Shower

Picture above - New Lobby Area

Picture at left - New Duct Work in Unit A

Picture above - Typical Double Room

Picture at left - New Dining Kitchenette Area

Picture above - New Care Conference Room

Picture at left - New Electrical Power to building


Picture at left -

Digging for New Entrance for both LTC Units


Construction is underway ...

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We are so excited to be renovating our Long Term Care Ministry at St. Aloisius Medical Center.  We will be changing the look both inside and out to provide a new and updated living space for our residents.  

We are planning to provide more private rooms and a new beautiful entrance will be built connecting Unit A and Unit B.  Watch for updates on construction here on our website and on our Facebook page on the internet.














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