St. Aloisius Medical Center
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Make appointments to see Dr. Kelly Krohn at St. Aloisius Medical Center Clinic by calling 701 324-5131.  Dr. Krohn will see patients on the last Friday of each months beginning with October 26. Press Release Click Here  


Grand Opening was August 6, 2018

Dr. Rick Geier, MD and Kim Thorson, FNP are providing care

for patients in the clinic next to St. Aloisius Medical Center. 

Make your appointments now by calling 701 324-5131.




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New Bus purchased with Donation


St. Aloisius - Zero Harm Press Release

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Our Long Term Care is a 5-Star facility as determined

by the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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NOTE: The Sisters of Mary of the Presentation Health System, which includes St. Aloisius Medical Center, is considered a Qualified North Dakota Endowment Fund. Are you aware of the tax incentive (income tax credit) for charitable gifts made to qualifying ND charitable organizations? If you are interested in learning more about charitable gift donations please contact us!


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